Just one week to go!!!

Just one week to go now until Unorthodox Paradox, my little shindig in beautiful Fellfoot Wood on Lake Windermere. So that’s just 7 days to get your tickets if you haven’t already. With music from amazing bands like Jim Noir, Circulus, a.P.A.t.T., Tall Ships and loads more, plus the unique ‘Unorthodox surprise’, this will be the coolest, cosiest and most unorthodox musical event this summer, no doubt! Come and spend 3 days and nights soaking up the atmosphere with a bunch of friendly, like-minded people 🙂 Advance tickets are £50 for the full weekend (with camping), or £20 for one day (with camping). Gig only tickets are also available at just £12!

Tickets will be available on the door (if it hasn’t sold out), but they will be more expensive – £60 for the weekend / £25 for one night (with camping) / £15 gig only. So it makes sense to buy in advance if at all possible.

Weather forecast for the region that weekend is looking ok at the moment, with a great possibility of plenty of BEAUTIFUL SUN…and the site is well set up to cope with that other thing that begins with ‘r’ anyway…so you can watch all the bands in a warm and dry covered area if the unthinkable happens (but it won’t)!

Please share this with all of your networks, even if you can’t come yourself, and help support a truly independent and non-corporate music event…there’s not many of them around!

Info on where to buy tickets, and all the other stuff you might possibly need to know, is RIGHT HERE! 🙂


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